Where Can I Get Cheap Copies Near Me

Where Can I Get Cheap Copies Near Me?

You won't always be able to produce free copies. A simple online search for 'best printing services near me' may provide some promising results, however, prices may vary greatly.



Here are cheaprushprinting.com and some of the greatest locations to produce inexpensive copies.

  1. Library

One of the finest venues to make copies of papers is your local library. Most communities, like post offices, have at least one library.


This service isn't usually free, but the cost isn't very high. My library charges only $0.10 for black and white copies and $0.25 for color copies. Because libraries aren't frequently overcrowded, the copy machine is usually available.


This implies that someone may come in and get their copies in a matter of minutes. Public copy machines are available at college and university libraries.

  1. OfficeMax/Office Depot

Same-day printing and copying are available at Office Depot. Customers who sign up for Office Depot/Office Max emails receive 15% off any one normally priced item.


Each black and white copy costs just $0.09.


Cheap Color Copies are only $0.42 at Office Depot/Office Max. Orders are generally ready within an hour, and there are no additional fees for pick-up. If a consumer is unable to visit a shop, there is also free delivery available for eligible orders of at least $45.

  1. The UPS Store

The UPS Store has over 4,400 locations globally and is an excellent alternative for making copies. You may either walk into the store and make copies or purchase them online ahead of time.


Customers who sign up for their news and special offers save 15% on their next online purchase. They have a variety of sizes and can work with both thick and thin paper.


They are experts in this field and can even produce copies of W2s, church newsletters, and legal papers. Prices for black & white copies start at about $0.12 and color copies start at around $0.50.

  1. FedEx Office

FedEx Office, formerly known as Kinkos, is another choice for printing services. The shop has been expanding and is now available at certain Walmart locations.


This change is good and convenient for folks who have a lot of errands to run. It might save them a trip to a printing provider.


You may purchase copies ahead of time, much like at The UPS Store, to save time.

  1. Staples

When I need to make copies, I generally go to Staples because there is a facility close by.


Staples has reasonable costs and is one of the least expensive sites to make copies. They charge $0.53 for each color page and $0.11 for each black-and-white copy.


Prices for bulk orders can be as low as $0.13 and $0.04, respectively.

  1. Your Neighborhood Grocery Store

If a community lacks a major name retailer, a small grocery store may occasionally allow individuals to use its copy machine for free.


If there are no huge businesses to compete with, this may be a simple service for a lesser-known store to provide.


It varies on the region, however, some retailers may charge $0.10 for black and white copies and $0.25 for color copies.