How Many Types of Amazon Seller Central can We enrol With

How Many Types of Amazon Seller Central can We enrol With?


The Amazon Seller Central and Amazon account management service has four different types of accounts:

Standard (S1) – For smaller businesses and individual sellers with a single product line, a customer base of fewer than 100 active customers, and no 3rd party data to manage. This account is available for new merchants who have never sold on Amazon.

Startup (S2) – For merchants with more than one product line, a customer base of 100 active customers, or an established business with at least three years of history. This account is only available to new merchants who have never sold on Amazon.

Professional (S3) – This is the right level for you if you want to sell your products on Amazon in multiple countries or if you want access to additional features like One-Click Payments.

Shopify Plus – Shopify Plus accounts include all the features of the standard Shopify plan and all the tools and functionality available in Seller Central, including Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).

Individual selling plan.

The Individual Selling Plan is great if you want to sell on and use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) as your fulfillment partner. In this model, you're responsible for fulfilling orders, handling customer service, and managing inventory. You also pay a monthly subscription fee that covers shipping costs and tax reporting.

  • When should I use an individual selling plan? For example, suppose you have a small number of products that can be fulfilled easily without any customization or processing time-intensive processes like color matching or custom packaging. In that case, this option might be right for you!

Professional selling plan.

Amazon seller account management services offer a professional selling plan for businesses that want to sell on Amazon. It's the most popular business plan, costing differently for each brand.

This plan gives you access to both the Professional Seller Central and Professional. Selling Manager tools, which allow you to manage and optimize amazon listings more effectively.

Vendor Express - FBA Seller Central (discontinued)

Vendor Express is a finished program, but you can still enroll.

Amazon offers Vendor Express as an alternative to Vendor Central, which allows merchants to sell their products through Amazon's fulfillment network. But there are some contrasts between the two programs that might make one more suitable for your business than the other:

  • Amazon also works as an eCommerce consulting agency. However, vendor Central provides complete access to your listings and orders from any device; however, it requires a monthly fee (or annual subscription). In contrast, Vendor Express doesn't require additional fees beyond what you pay for listing fees and inventory storage costs when using Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). Therefore, whenever someone purchases something from your website using FBA—the price will be lower than what they would have paid if they bought directly from you through another platform such as Shopify or BigCommerce!

Vendor Central

Vendor Central is the best choice for large brands and manufacturers who want to sell their products on,, and other Amazon sites in Canada, Europe, India, and Mexico.

If you're a seller seeking customers and products on Amazon, then Vendor Central is your best option. Vendor Central provides an easy way to manage your account with a specific login page accessible from the top right corner of any page of Seller Central or through a mobile app.

Make sure you choose the right plan for your business needs.

When you choose a plan, make sure you know what you are getting into. Each has its own set of terms and conditions, so it's important to read those carefully before enrolling in the program. In addition, make sure that your business will be able to accommodate all the features offered by each plan.


The Amazon Seller Central options include:

  • Business Account – This is designed for small businesses (less than $1M annual revenue). It includes free shipping on orders over $49 and advertising services on Amazon's website or mobile app (if allowed). You can also use this account if you sell products that are not physical items such as books or software downloads but digital products like ebooks or membership subscriptions--those aren't eligible for Prime shipping services either, though!

  • Professional Account – this option allows sellers with more than $1M in annual sales through their primary eCommerce site to be at least two years old but less than five years old.

Individual Seller

  • Sell your products.

  • Manage your inventory.

  • Manage your listings.

Amazon Seller Central is an individual seller account that allows you to sell on,, and Amazon Mexico (and soon for France). It receives payment from Amazon directly into your bank account or PayPal balance.

Professional Seller

Professional Seller accounts are the most advanced seller account. They provide you with access to a variety of selling tools, including:

  • A personalized dashboard that allows you to set up alerts on product updates, pricing changes, and more.

  • A professional-looking storefront with customizable features like categories and tags.

The only conditions for joining this program are that you meet specific requirements: You must have made at least $10,000 in sales within the last 90 days or have sold items worth more than $5 per item during your previous 30 days of Amazon selling activities (whichever comes first).

Vendor Central Account

Vendor Central is the most advanced selling channel on Amazon. It gives you access to more data, tools, and resources than any other selling channel. With Vendor Central, you can create your store and sell directly to Amazon customers looking for what you have in stock or want a specific product unavailable in their local store.

Vendor Central is the only way to sell products directly via Amazon Marketplace because it gives sellers complete control over their inventory management process (including pricing), shipping options, customer service, and more – all while keeping business confidential between partner brands/distributors or manufacturers/importers.


The most often used method for selling on Amazon is through Amazon Seller Central. It is also the most flexible and scalable because it can serve as a marketplace, an eCommerce store, or a content marketing tool. In addition, several different types of Amazon account management services are available through which you can enroll on Amazon Seller Central.

There are three main types of accounts: Marketplace Accounts, Subscription Products, and Storefronts. Each one has its own unique set of features and benefits.

Marketplace Accounts are the most flexible type of account because they let you sell across multiple categories and handle all your customer service on your website rather than through a third-party provider like Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). With these accounts, you can earn more revenue per transaction because you don't have to pay fees associated with FBA services like Amazon Prime or FBA fulfillment centers. In addition, similar to other accounts, you aren't required to deal with shipping or return concerns.