Benefits, Side Effects, And Uses Of CBD For Dogs

Benefits, Side Effects, And Uses Of CBD For Dogs


Lately, you may have seen many posts indicating the potential benefits of CBD in humans. It can also provide relief to many underlying issues affecting dogs. You can see many products in the market containing CBD that promise to address various ailments affecting dogs. Is CBD an effective compound to make your dog comfortable? If you wish to learn more, read ahead.

About CBD


CBD or cannabidiol indicates the potential therapeutic and non-psychoactive compound in the cannabis plant. In recent years, CBD gained popularity due to its potential efficacy in managing several health conditions developing in humans. The recent legalization of CBD has attracted the interest of people. Dog owners consider CBD a holistic remedy that can treat several conditions. Dogs have an endocannabinoid system in the body like humans. The cannabinoid receptors in the ECS can become stimulated by CBD. Since ECS regulates several body functions in your dogs, CBD may effectively address health issues.

Benefits And Uses Of CBD For Your Dogs


Manufacturers have formulated specific products containing CBD for dogs. It may come in various forms like treats, chews, tablets, and liquid tinctures. According to data, more than 50% of vets suggest using CBD to deal with various health issues affecting dogs. They believe CBD may possess therapeutic effects that can help address the following health problems:

CBD May Address Skin Problems In Dogs

CBD may promote new skin cell growth. Hence, it can help manage skin problems like hotspots or allergies. The potential anti-inflammatory properties of CBD may effectively manage any dermatological problem.

CBD Can Soothe Pain Suffered By Dogs


The anti-inflammatories of CBD may bind to the CB1 receptors in the dog’s brain. It can result in the triggering of the immune system to reduce inflammation in the body. CBD may also bind with CB2 receptors in the nervous and immune systems. Studies indicate that giving CBD to dogs can lower pain perception.

CBD Can Reduce Seizure Attacks In Dogs


According to a study, CBD may aid in treating epileptic canines. A high percentage of dogs that received the treatment showed less risk of seizure attacks. CBD can work by reducing the abnormal electric charges released by the neurons in the dog’s nervous system. It may boost the nervous system function to prevent episodes of seizures.

CBD May Promote Better Mood In Your Dogs


Your dogs can suffer anxiety due to several underlying issues. Anxiety in dogs may develop due to the health issues like:

  • Fear due to loud noises like storms or fireworks
  • Separation from the owners
  • Age-related neurodegenerative diseases
  • Confinement in a car or other small spaces

Studies on animals show the potential effectiveness of CBD in reducing anxiety issues. In moderate doses given for short periods, CBD can ease anxiety. CBD may encourage serotonin production in the body. Hence, it can improve mood, uninterrupted sleep, and social behavior.

CBD Can Lower Cancer Progression


Animal studies on CBD and its impact on cancer development indicate cannabidiol may slow down tumor growth. The study gives hope to pet owners with dogs suffering from cancer. CBD may also help your dog deal with the side effects of cancer treatments. CBD can reduce nausea triggered due to chemotherapy.

Side Effects Of CBD


Many vets believe CBD may not trigger severe side effects when given to dogs. But, providing large doses of CBD to your dogs can result in side effects. The adverse side effects can include:

Can Adversely Impact Liver Function


Several scientific studies have indicated that CBD in large doses can increase ALP (Alkaline Phosphatase). ALP is a liver enzyme developing in dogs after they ingest CBD. This enzyme can result in liver irritation or damage.

May Cause Sedative Effect


CBD given to your dog in large doses can make them feel drowsy. But, pet owners may have noticed that the problem goes away without medical intervention.

Can Lead To Dry Mouth


Studies indicate that CBD can lower saliva production. Not following a precise dosage of CBD may lead to dry mouth. Your dog can show symptoms of excessive thirst and drink more water.

May Result In Digestive Problems


Canines can have a sensitive digestive system. Giving your dogs high doses or low-quality CBD may result in digestive problems like diarrhea, nausea, lack of appetite, constipation, and vomiting. Some dogs may not like the raw taste of CBD tincture. It makes them throw it up.

Can Result In Low Blood Pressure


Taking CBD in large doses can lower blood pressure in your dogs. They can experience lethargy or light-headedness with a sudden drop in blood pressure. The side effect may only last for a short time and does not require medical intervention.

Steps To Avoid Side Effects Of CBD


CBD has no approval from the FDA. Due to its non-regulatory status, you may find it hard to find the appropriate dosage or high-quality product. Here are some steps to follow to avoid side effects in your dogs.

CBD Dosage


You can start with small doses of CBD. Give your dog one to five milligrams of CBD per ten pounds of your dog’s body weight. Start slowly to determine the effects of CBD. You can increase the dosage when you see no side effects. You may see the signs of CBD working in your dogs within an hour of administering the product. Once your dog becomes comfortable, you can gradually increase the CBD dosage.

High-Quality CBD Product


CBD products in the market have no regulation. Hence, it may contain contaminants or higher levels of THC than advertised. CBD that has not undergone proper harvesting or processing can have low standards. Become alert and cautious while selecting a CBD brand. You can reduce the side effects of this holistic product by keeping some points in mind.

  • Choose an organic brand providing pet-friendly CBD products. It eliminates the presence of fungicides, pesticides, or other contaminants.
  • Always check the third-party lab certificate or COA (Certificate of Analysis) before choosing the brand. The report can shed light on the various cannabinoid levels present in the product.
  • You can opt for CBD tincture compared to other products. It can help you adjust the precise dosage of CBD to meet the unique needs of your dog.
  • Find a brand with a reputation for providing high-quality products sourced from hemp following the farming guidelines. It may ensure the safety of your dog or pup.



CBD may seem like a holistic method to address health problems developed by your dog. With several studies underway showing hope, CBD can become the alternative therapy option. You can consult an expert to determine the safest and most effective method to use CBD to treat your pets.