Badal Tharayil of SalesDuo: Amazon Vine Program: Leveraging Customer Reviews for Product Launches

Badal Tharayil of SalesDuo: Amazon Vine Program: Leveraging Customer Reviews for Product Launches

The primary factor that influences any purchase decision is the product's reviews and ratings. If a product you are considering doesn't have a rating or review, or if it has a low rating or review, the chances of someone buying the product drop drastically. Such reviews and ratings validate the product's quality and authenticity. Therefore, the very first impression of a product is derived from its ratings and reviews, and it's important to identify ways to enhance them for products listed on Amazon. Let's discuss one such strategy: the Amazon Vine Program.


What Is The VINE Program?


The Vine Program is designed to assist Amazon Sellers and Vendors in gaining reviews for their newly launched products. You essentially enroll your product under this program, and Amazon Vine members will receive a free product to review.


Amazon selects Vine Voices (also known as Amazon Vine members) based on their overall contribution to Amazon reviews, including Review Rank, Helpfulness Votes, and reputation. These members receive free or discounted products in exchange for reviews.


The program is beneficial for both Amazon vendors and shoppers, as it allows vendors to receive authentic and valuable reviews from verified purchasers. In turn, shoppers can make informed purchasing decisions based on these reviews.


How Does VINE Work?


Here's how the Amazon Vine program typically functions:


  1. Amazon Vendors or Sellers enroll their individual or parent products in the program.
  2. Eligibility for the program is based on factors such as the category, demand, availability, and current reviews (if any).
  3. The products should be available through Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA).
  4. An enrollment fee must be paid by ASIN or Variation.
  5. The list of eligible products is sent to Vine Voices.
  6. Vine Voices are required to post an unbiased, truthful review within 30 days of receiving the product.
  7. Amazon features the Vine Voice reviews on the product detail pages, marked with a special Vine badge to indicate that the review was written as part of the program.
  8. Vine Voices are not paid for their reviews and cannot be influenced to write a positive review in exchange for receiving the product.


Benefits of The Vine Program



  1. Increased Visibility and Conversion: Products with higher reviews and ratings have precedence in Amazon's search results, increasing a product's visibility and conversion rates.
  2. Brand Presence: When a Vine Voice reviews a product, their reviews are labeled, drawing attention to the product, and helping it stand out from others on Amazon.
  3. Increased Review Potential: Sellers and vendors, particularly those with less popular products, have a higher probability of receiving faster and more reviews when they participate in the Vine program.
  4. Quality of Reviews: Vine Voice reviews are considered highly credible and generally provide thoughtful, detailed feedback.
  5. Cancellation Flexibility: You can cancel the enrollment of any ASIN at any time.


Cost and Requirements:


The Vine program does not guarantee positive reviews. It's crucial for sellers to ensure that the product listing page accurately reflects the product being sold, including accurate product descriptions and images.


In Seller Central, enrolling each parent ASIN or individual ASIN costs $200 with a cap of 30 reviews.


In Vendor Central, enrolling each parent ASIN or individual ASIN costs $1,750 USD + enrollment fee.


  • Sellers must have a professional selling account.
  • The current rating and reviews should not exceed 30.
  • The inventory should be adequate, and all details like images, descriptions, and bullet points should be live on the display page.
  • The product should be enrolled in FBA (in terms of SC) with Brand Registry Access.




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